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F A Q s

Where can I watch The Sudbury Devil?


You can stream it here on my website together with over six hours of special features. It's also available on Prime Video and Apple TV+ for a little cheaper. If you can afford to, please buy it from my website – the cast and crew makes more money from royalties that way, and the bonus content is pretty cool.

Is there a way to get a downloadable digital copy of The Sudbury Devil?

To paraphrase Al Yankovic, there is Very Probably No (VPN) way to get a digital download legally. I'm sure you have a TORRENT of other questions but I'll have to leave it at that.

Is Checkmate Lincolnites over?


Will there be any kind of spin-off series tackling other historical myths?



Will there be more episodes of Frozen '50s Man?

Definitely! But making them takes a lot of time, coordination, effort, and money, so new episodes will probably only come out once or twice a year.

Can I interview you for my livestream or podcast?

Possibly. Contact me.


Do you still do walking tours of New Orleans?


No, I retired in 2019.

What if I gave you a whole bunch of money to do it anyway?

That's extremely flattering, but no. I prefer filmmaking. If you want to support what I do, hit me up on Patreon!

Whatever happened to your King Philip's War board game? Is it still available anywhere?

It's for sale on the vanity board game publishing site Gamecrafter, where it drifts in and out of stock based on the availability of the game's components. I've actually been meaning for a while to make a second edition – as well as publish a sequel game set in King William's War – but my work keeps me incredibly busy, and to be honest, my board game hobby is pretty low on my list of priorities.

How did you learn Original Pronunciation? How can I learn it?

I sort of just taught myself by listening to Ben Crystal lectures and reading a ton of Early Modern English texts. Since OP is mostly used in Shakespearean theater, there are lots of resources out there for actors to learn the accent, and any dialect coach worth their salt will probably be at least passingly familiar with it.

What is your religion?

Depends on my mood.

What are your political views?

Whatever Michael Caine's character in Children of Men is. I'm that.

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