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Atun-Shei Films is a production company best known for its YouTube channel created and hosted by filmmaker Andrew Rakich.

Raised in small-town New England and educated at the UNC School of the Arts, Rakich worked as a living historian at Gettysburg National Military Park before relocating to New Orleans and embarking on a career in independent film. The Sudbury Devil (2023) is his first feature film as a solo director.

During his longtime day job as a New Orleans tour guide, Rakich came to deeply appreciate the value of entertainment in historical education, and took those skills to YouTube starting in 2018. In 2020, Atun-Shei Films exploded in popularity and Rakich began making videos full-time.

The channel covers a wide variety of topics and formats, but above all else endeavors to present public history in a cinematic and irreverent way.

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